As older generations across the United States, the risk for developing cardiovascular conditions like heart disease or even heart failure dramatically increase. Despite ongoing medical advancements, heart conditions will continue to be the leading causes for disability this century.

The heart is responsible for distributing blood flow across the entire body. When a problem like heart failure occurs, daily tasks and work become impossible to do. This makes receiving Social Security disability benefits due to heart and cardiovascular problems absolutely essential.

What Makes Cardiovascular Problems Like Heart Failure A Disability?

Cardiac impairments prevent the heart from receiving the proper amount of oxygen it needs to function. Arteries can slowly become blocked, and which lowers a person’s stamina among other functioning abilities.

Social Security Disability Benefits for Heart and Cardiovascular

While abnormal episodes can occur, it’s important for the Social Security Administration to receive your extended medical record of your heart problems. This documentation can help your case be better assessed for the severity, duration and impact of your heart problem. More specifically, this record should include your diagnosis, details of your symptoms, management, and any treatments. One example of a test that should be present in your claim includes an angiogram, which would demonstrate the presence of any blockages in your heart.

Regulations on Cardiac Impairments

Several years ago, the Social Security Administration updated the regulations on heart conditions. The changes added information on new tests and treatments. Just some of the new conditions covered under the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book guidelines, includes chronic heart failure, ischemic heart disease, and peripheral artery disease – any disorder that affects the proper functioning of the heart or the circulatory system.

Disability Law states that in order to find a disability based on any heart impairment, there must be evidence of “symptoms, signs, laboratory findings, response to a regimen of prescribed treatment, and functional limitations.” The illness must also result in “very serious limitations in the ability to independently initiate, sustain, or complete activities of daily living.” Any remaining ability to function is carefully assessed and a major part of the key to getting your disability claim approved.

Even though a person may not exactly meet the criteria in the regulation, a disability case may still be won through developing evidence based on the functional and emotional impact of a heart condition.

Depression as a Side Effect

Depression is a common occurrence that results from this life-threatening illness. In some cases the depression becomes even more disabling than the heart condition itself. Unfortunately, it’s usually poorly documented in comparison to the heart condition.

What can help build your case for both your heart condition and the affect it has on your mental health, involves gathering statements and medical notes about the person’s fatigue level and general stamina. Typically these are also directly tied to a person’s quality of life and mental health status. Memory problems should also be noted.

It should also be known that the Social Security Administration has added cardiovascular disease to the 88 other diseases in the “Compassionate Allowances” list. These are conditions that qualify a person for disability benefits and help speed up the approval process. Once approved, benefits are paid immediately to the person who meets the definition, so they can receive the assistance they deserve even sooner.

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