Social Security Disability Benefits for Medical Side Effects

Physicians are trained to provide prescription medications to treat or manage a medical condition. While this can help an individual suffering from a physical or psychological condition, prescription medications often have side effects that can be as disabling as the original condition.

These additional symptoms can further decrease a person’s quality of life, and prevent them from working, attending school or performing everyday tasks. It seems logical to stop taking a medication if its side effects cause further pain or discomfort. Claimants facing a chronthis forces an individual to make a tough decision: treat a life-threatening disorder but also suffer painful side-effects, or forgo taking the medication and instead live with the excruciating symptoms of the original condition.

Medication side-effects vary on how they affect each person. They can be mild or just as extreme as the symptoms of the original condition. A few examples of these disabling medical side effects include heavy fatigue, confusion, dizziness, nausea, and bowel disturbances. If you suffer from medical side effects and are unable to work, then you might be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

Identifying Claim Evidence For Medical Side-Effects

If you or a loved one is suffering from serious side-effects of any medication prescribed by a physician, then these are legally considered “symptoms” for the purpose of a social security disability claim. Before the court can determine whether or not you’re eligible for Social Security Disability payments, several key pieces of medical evidence need to be gathered before you get approved.

As soon as a claimant begins experiencing side effects from a prescribed medication, it is important to tell your doctor about these symptoms as soon as possible. The doctor should also note the progression or persistence of these symptoms as you take it to treat a serious illness or disorder. If these side effects become so debilitating that you’re unable to work or perform everyday tasks at home, then it’s time to file a claim for disability benefits.

Your claim will be evaluated based on the medical issues you’ve been attempting to treat as well as how the medication has affected your day-to-day life. If your doctor is unable to note how a medication’s side effects are affecting you, there is usually a medication questionnaire patients are required to fill out before an appointment.

While it’s not the most ideal form of medical evidence these questionnaires still count. They can act as commentary between you and your doctor, which is needed to make a claim for disability benefits. Rather than focus on severity, your doctor should specifically note how your symptoms affect your ability to complete daily tasks.

Examples Of Medical Side-Effects And The Disability Claim Process

If a medication makes someone feel extremely fatigued to the point of needing to rest for several hours each day, then they should consider filing for disability benefits. Fatigue can significantly affect important tasks in our everyday lives, by causing an inability to focus, managing finances, track appointments, clean or shop for groceries.
The key to getting your disability claim approved, involves a detailed explanation of how these side effects affect your ability to function.

Lastly, you need to make sure your physician notes all of your symptoms within your medical record. Creating this physical trail of evidence will increase the likelihood of your claim getting approved. According to the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book, credible medical evidence includes questionnaires, documented symptoms noted during a doctor’s appointment, diagnoses being treated, a list of all medications being used to treat it and medical side-effects.

Testimonials from caregivers, the claimant and previous employers regarding the individual’s inability to function can also be considered evidence for your claim.

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