Anyone living with diabetes or an endocrine disorder knows exactly how disabling these conditions can be.. A hormone imbalance in our thyroid, pituitary, or other parts of our endocrine system can make daily tasks impossible to do.

For decades, endocrine conditions were not considered severe enough to qualify for disability assistance. Thanks to medical advancements that make an endocrine disorder easier to diagnose, however, It can be easier to receive social security disability benefits today.

Social Security Disability Benefits for Diabetes

Even with early testing and medical management the difficulty in proving an endocrine disorder for disability benefits, remains in consistency. People might experience recurring episodes of diabetic acidosis, hyperglycemia and hyponatremia, but those episodes are too short to be medically qualified for SSD benefits.

The key of a successful Social Security disability claim involves keeping track of your medical history and closely managing your health. Our Social Security Benefits Lawyer in Albany can help you detect and articulate these symptoms in your claim.

Severe Endocrine Disorders And Disability Claims

When something like Diabetes Mellitus (DM) causes organ damage, there are other categories of SSA regulations that can also apply. For example, advanced diabetes can impact the heart, eyes or kidney systems, and your disability can still be considered for benefits. The same is true of neuropathies and amputations, which would still allow current recipients of benefits to continue receiving checks.

Although medical advances have been made, not all patients have access to good medical care. Despite dramatic recent improvement in medications, diabetes can still control individual’s lives to a severe degree.

Essentially, if the functional capacities of a person are affected, a viable claim for disability may still exist. This could include a person’s ability to see or walk. It’s also possible for a condition like DM to cause a painful numbness in a person’s hands or arms.

Other factors that should be noted in your disability claim include the inability to perform basic work tasks. These include your ability to write, type on a keyboard, carry anything over 10 pounds or perform repetitive motions.

Mental Health Management Alongside Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders

Another factor to consider in a diabetes disability claim is how it affects your mental health. Depression and anxiety can often accompany diabetes. This disease is considered chronic, and patients must think constantly about diet and insulin management if needed. Depression can impact a claimant’s ability to comply with health advice, leading to further complications of the disease.

Having to manage your disability claim alone can also feel isolating, which would further impact a claimant’s mental health status.

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