Many of the Social Security Disability Benefits or SSDI claims are made due to a disorder within the musculoskeletal system. This includes your body’s bones, tissue, muscles and joints, as well as their ability to function. The performance of basic motor activities like walking, extending your arms or legs, and picking up objects are all considered during a musculoskeletal disorder’s diagnosis.

If an individual is unable to complete a full range of motion without pain or through unnatural or awkward motions, then it is time to consider applying for social security disability benefits.

SSDI For Musculoskeletal & Repetitive Motion Disorders

What is a Musculoskeletal Disorder?

The musculoskeletal system makes up the majority of your body. Therefore, what classifies a disorder that affects bones, joints, or tissue within this system depends on a person’s motor functionality. Some of the most common abnormalities, amputations or other impairments that affect the back’s, legs’ and arms’ ability to function.

Just a few of the many disorders categorized under this system include: arthritis, spinal cord injuries, bone metastases, and pain caused by circulation disorders.

Evidence Needed To For A Musculoskeletal Disorder Claim

Like other disabilities classified under the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book guidelines, a confirmed diagnosis and physical examination can provide a solid foundation for your claim.

Other factors that are taken into consideration include the following:

  • Device Essentials Of Musculoskeletal Care That Are Worn, Hand-held, or Utilized From A Seated Position. Some Examples Include Wheelchairs Or Prosthetic Limbs.
  • Muscle Strength And Functionality Over Time
  • X-ray, CT or MRI Scans
  • Any Effects or Response To Treatment

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The claim approval process for a musculoskeletal disorder can be absolutely exhausting. Not only are you battling your disorder, but you’re also fighting alone to get the help you need.

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